The Budget and Procurement Department (SBA) and the Logistics and Social Action Department (SLAS) of COFEB’s Administrative Affairs and Communications Directorate (DAAC) are responsible for the administrative and social aspects of the degree program.

The Teaching and Degree Training Department (SEFOD) under the Teaching and Training Programs Directorate (DEPFOR) manages the technical aspect of the training.

The SBA is responsible for:

  • students’ housing and transportation expenses;
  • expenses related to social activities;
  • monthly grant payments to students;
  • medical expenses; and
  • facilitators’ fees.

The specific responsibilities of the SLAS include:

  • welcoming students and setting them up in their housing ;
  • logistics for events organized by the Center (seminars, conferences, meetings, etc.); and
  • organization of social and recreational activities for students and the Center’s staff.

The SEFOD is responsible for:

  • developing and updating teaching programs and degree courses on macroeconomics, currency, finance and banking ;
  • preparing and organizing competitive exams and admissions to the COFEB degree program ;

  • identifying and monitoring COFEB degree program teachers ;

  • designing educational materials and content for economic and financial education programs aimed at various categories of target audiences ; 

  • conducting assessments of the teaching provided ;

  • pedagogical monitoring and organization of the semi-annual meetings of the pedagogical unit ;

  • monitoring relations with the Senior Associate Professor associated with COFEB ;

  • follow-up with CAMES on matters relating to degrees and the Bachelor’s-Master’s-Doctorate (LMD) system ;

  • follow-up on internships and organization of the defense of students’ dissertations ;

  • managing the database of former students of the Center and following up on relationships with COFEB alumni ;

  • organizing COFEB’s topical conferences and high-level conferences ;

  • training internal and external trainers ;

  • contributing to the preparation of the Center’s activity reports; and ;

  • contributing to the preparation and organization of the Scientific Committee.