Course Organization 

Training is scheduled to start on the first working day in November.

All attendees must be present on that date. However, exceptions may be granted under extraordinary circumstances for delays beyond the control of the attendee's home organization, where justified by the latter.

To comply with the academic criteria for the number of hours required to obtain the Advanced Banking and Financial Studies Diploma, any such delay may not exceed two (2) weeks.

To provide quality training in accordance with international norms and standards, COFEB has set up a Master II program.

The course, which lasts thirteen (13) months (November of year N to November of year N+1) is organized in two semesters worth 30 credits each.

It includes lectures, tutorials and individual work and therefore entails:

Full-time attendance of on-site classes at COFEB, including tutorials organized by teachers;

Individual work on the part of the student;

Completion of a three (3) month internship at the end of the course; and

Preparation and defense of a dissertation at the end of the cycle.

On-site Classes on COFEB Premises

Teaching is provided in the form of lectures, tutorials and individual work for a period of nine (9) months, i.e. from November of year N to July of year N+1. Classes are divided into two (2) periods:

  • Period 1 or Semester 1: from November of year N to the beginning of April of year N+1
  • Period 2 or Semester 2: from mid-April to the end of July of year N+1.

Training is broken down into compulsory and optional teaching units to which credits are assigned by whole points, for a total of 52 credits.

Each teaching unit is broken down into components graded from 0 to 20 and the total of these grades shall constitute the final grade for the teaching unit. The passing grade required for each teaching unit is 12/20 or above. 

Grades may not be averaged across different teaching units to achieve a passing grade.

This means that students must individually obtain passing grades on all required teaching units for each semester.

However, make-up examinations will be organized for students who were unable to score the required passing grade of 12/20 on a teaching unit.

The grades obtained by students at the end of each semester are validated by the COFEB Education Team, which includes the administration of COFEB and all the trainers involved in the training cycle.

Students who have passed their first semester receive 30 credits and are authorized to continue their training.