This publication is the twenty-first issue of the "COFEB Precis" series.

In keeping with its role as a producer and disseminator of knowledge, COFEB has maintained its commitment to staying at the forefront of emerging and topical issues by publishing this volume on Fintech for Central Bank officials and the general public.

Written by Nimrod Payne and Mohamed Traoré, respectively Supervisor and Department Head at the Central Bank’s Financial Stability Directorate, this publication is intended as a source of information and a learning tool on a subject that has become central in current technological and financial developments.

The authors of the guide review the main features of Fintech, ranging from the types of technologies involved to emerging institutional arrangements in many countries, as well as the scope of Fintech and its inherent risks.

The authors undertook this task to provide readers with the best possible information and bring them up to date on the latest in the field of financial technology, where central banks are called upon to play a leading role.