The EMR can serve as a platform for the publication of studies on the monetary aspects of  developing economies, including monetary policy, financial stability, economic and monetary integration and all related topics.

Although its ambition is to popularize scientific work produced within WAEMU and/or dealing with economic or monetary matters of relevance to WAEMU, the EMR remains open to work by external researchers and/or produced by specialists in other social sciences.

Articles published in the same edition of the Review may focus on different issues.

However, special issues and thematic editions may be published according to the relevance and/or urgency of specific topics.

Thematic editions cover a specific issue, which they explore in all its breadth and complexity. Special editions focus on specific issues which, while not thematic, present nonetheless some points of convergence in certain areas. Special issues may include proceedings of colloquia or seminars, research reports or team research.

Thematic and special editions include an editorial that summarizes the articles published in the edition and demonstrates their link with monetary policies.

The EMR is published every six months. Publication is scheduled in June and December.

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