The Central Bank of West African States publishes studies and research every six months in the Economic and Monetary Review (EMR).


  • 01 Articles for publication must cover an economic, financial or monetary topic and be of proven scientific interest to the Central Bank of West African States (BCEAO) in general or the Member States of the West African Economic and Monetary Union (WAEMU) in particular. While its ambition is to popularize scientific work produced within WAEMU and/or dealing with economic, monetary or financial matters or relevance to the Union, the EMR remains open to contributions from external researchers and/or specialists in other social sciences. 
  • 02 Articles published in the same edition of the Review may focus on different issues. However, special issues and thematic editions may be published according to the relevance and/or urgency of specific topics. Thematic editions cover a specific issue, which they explore in all its breadth and complexity. Special editions focus on specific issues which, while not thematic, present nonetheless some points of convergence in certain areas. Special issues may include proceedings of colloquia or seminars, research reports or team research. 
  • 03 The research problem must be clearly presented and the literature review sufficiently documented. Articles must shed new light on the research subject and provide undeniable added value by refuting or confirming prevailing ideas on the subject.
  • 04 Articles must be based on a thorough, consistent and relevant scientific and methodological approach and on reliable information.
  • 05 They must be innovative or provide new solutions to issues that have already been tackled.
  • 06 They may not have been previously published or be in the process of publication, and may not be simultaneously submitted for publication elsewhere.
  • 07 Articles are published after being reviewed and deemed to be consistent with the editorial line of the Review by the Editorial Committee on condition that their scientific value is recognized by the Scientific Committee and they are approved by the Committee Chairperson, under the sole responsibility of their authors.
  • 08 Articles may be written in English or French, and must include two abstracts: one in English and one in French.
  • 09 Draft articles are to be submitted to the Research and Partnerships Directorate as per the following procedure:
  • 10 In a single hard copy, sent by mail to the following address:

Direction de la Recherche et des Partenariats

BCEAO Siège, Avenue Abdoulaye FADIGA

BP 3108 Dakar, Sénégal.

In a single copy by e-mail, using Word for text and Excel for tables, or other compatible software, to the following addresses: et .

If the article is accepted, the final version must be sent using the same procedure.

Presentation of the article

  • 01 The length of the article, printed in single-sided format only, may not exceed 30 pages, not including appendices (normal characters, arial font, size 10.5 and line spacing 1.5). Key words and references to the Journal of Economic Literature (JEL) classification must be included at the beginning of the article.
  • 02 The following information must be clearly mentioned on the cover page:
    • The title of the study
    • The date of the study
    • The author's name, highest academic title, institutional affiliation, and position
    • An abstract of the article in English (500 words maximum)
    • An abstract in French (500 words maximum).

Bibliographic references

Bibliographic references are to be included:

  • In the body of the article, with only the author's name and the date of publication
  • At the end of the article, with complete references listed in alphabetical order by author, according to the Harvard referencing method (name of the author, title of the article or book, title of the journal, name of the publisher, place of publication, date of publication and number of pages).