The Alumni of the West African Center for Banking Studies and Training (COFEB) include all graduates and trainees of COFEB. They form a network of several hundred members, some of whom hold strategic positions in various countries throughout the member states of the West African Economic and Monetary Union (WAEMU) as well as in some central banks belonging to the Association of African Central Banks (AACB).

These include Benin, Burkina Faso, Côte d'Ivoire, Guinea-Bissau, Mali, Niger, Senegal, Togo, Mauritania, Guinea Conakry, Burundi, Rwanda, the Union of the Comoros, and the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC).

The main objective of the Alumni Association is to create an organization capable of bringing together all COFEB graduates to ultimately serve as a forum for reflection, a creative force and a promoter of COFEB's activities.

Its purpose is :

  • to maintain the friendships between graduates that were forged during their studies
  • to develop a sense of community and belonging in the network of COFEB graduates
  • to promote mutual moral support and material assistance among members, including by facilitating development among those less advanced
  • to encourage professional cooperation through exchanges of experience and information
  • to maintain a high level of awareness of the value of the diplomas issued and the instruction provided by COFEB
  • to promote COFEB among economic and financial administration stakeholders and partners in development
  • to contribute to the activities of the Center through initiatives by COFEB students, faculty and administration, and to contribute to development in the sub-region through the publication of scientific studies and debates on topical issues.
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